Boeing to supply Apache attack helicopter for Saudi Arabia

The Boeing Company has secured a modification contract from the US Army Contracting Command (ACC).

maxresdefault (1).jpg

The contractor will provide Apache attack helicopter multi-year lots 7-11, AH-64E full-rate production (FRP) of remanufactured aircraft and new build aircraft, remanufacture and new build Longbow crew trainers, peculiar ground support equipment, initial spares, integrated logistics support, and engineering technical services to the government of Saudi Arabia, under the foreign military sales (FMS) programme.

The contract worth US$3,276.52 million has been awarded in March 2017.

Work will be performed at the company’s facility in Mesa, Arizona, and is expected to be completed in June 2022.

Stakeholder Information:
Contractor: The Boeing Company


Project Name: ACC – Supply of Apache Attack Helicopter – Saudi Arabia
Project Status: Awarded
Project Type: Parent
Project Start Quarter: Q1 2017
Project End Quarter: Q2 2022
Project Value (USD): 3276.52 Million
Project Sector:
Attack Helicopters,
Support & Maintenance
Project Location:
Saudi Arabia
Middle East


Tender Award Date: 03/15/2017
Awarded to:
The Boeing Company
Bidding Companies:
The Boeing Company




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