DCNS to exhibit at LAAD 2017

DCNS showcases its wide range of products and services at LAAD 2017, the Brazilian Naval Defense Exhibition which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, from 4th to 7th April 2017.


Since 2009, DCNS has been involved in the ambitious Brazilian submarines program. As a long-term partner of the Brazilian Navy, DCNS is determined to pursue its cooperation to contribute to Brazilian self-reliance and sovereignty.

France signed in 2009 a strategic, industrial and technological partnership agreement with Brazil. As a consequence of that, DCNS and Brazilian Navy could sign the PROSUB contracts.

This major contract for the Brazilian PROSUB program for the Brazilian Navy relates to the construction of four SCORPENE-class submarines through technology transfer, via Brazilian Navy, to Itaguaí Construções Navais, a joint venture established by DCNS and technical assistance for the Brazilian Navy with design of the non-nuclear parts of the first Brazilian nuclear-powered submarine. Today, the first submarine is in the process of installation of equipment and systems, while the others are in different stages of construction. The contract also includes engineering services for conceptual design provided to Brazil for the construction of a naval base and a new shipyard.

The Itaguaí Construções Navais manufactures the Brazilian submarines. In the frame of this unrivaled program, most of the naval shipyard infrastructures have been already built and delivered.

DCNS has deployed technology transfer and trained very large teams of engineers and technicians from the Brazilian Navy in the design of nuclear attack submarines, at its “submarine design training center” based in France.



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