US Navy to modernize performance evaluation system


The US Navy is working to modernize its existing performance evaluation system, which has been in service since 1996.

US Navy chief of naval personnel Vice Admiral Robert Burke said: “While NAVFIT 98 has worked for many years, we believe that it is time to develop a different system to measure sailors’ performance.

“Our reason for making this change is three-fold. First, we want a system that provides more meaningful, frequent and useful feedback to sailors. Second, we want to objectively measure sailors’ performance. Third, we want to remove artificialities in our current system, such as the tendency of reporting seniors to rate individuals by seniority rather than talent.”

The navy will test a conceptual prototype platform later this year, while continuing to run the existing system.

The proposed system must measure performance through standards-based objective measures, and enable formal and informal counselling and provide accountability, feedback and control mechanisms on reporting seniors’ performance grades.

The system also needs to remove forced distribution competitive categories and simplifying the reporting of senior and counselor completion by allowing cloud-based/mobile device input, the navy stated.


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