EDA conducts study to improve medical support for smaller scale missions

The European Defence Agency (EDA) has carried out a study to improve medical support for smaller scale military missions.
The study, named ‘Medical Support to Light Footprint Operations’, was completed by EDA’s project team medical and other ad-hoc medical working groups.

It was conducted to provide participating Member States with the analytical means to identify new ways of providing effective medical support to so-called light footprint operations (LFO) in the context of the EU’s Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP).

Recommendations include the introduction of requirements for medical support for LFOs and best practices for the provision of medical support into the current EU medical concept.

The study also lists options for improved interoperability between units providing medical support.

Several crossovers were identified in the training of medical professionals, the make-up of deployed medical staff, and medical practices of information sharing and medical technologies.

The study also suggests that the EDA seeks opportunities to serve as a forum to build trust between consumers of the technology with the developers and manufacturers.

Additionally, it indicates opportunities for multinational cooperation in development and research activities for new technologies that could reduce the footprint of medical support in LFOs and improve medical care.


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