US Navy tests GunnAR combat helmet aboard USS Bunker Hill


The US Navy Warfare Development Command (NWDC) has conducted testing of GunnAR combat helmet aboard the Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Bunker Hill (CG 52).

The augmented reality (AR) helmet has been developed to cater to the requirements of war fighter.

The combat heads up display (HUD) has undergone extensive testing and design refinement over the last year within the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific Battlespace Exploitation of Mixed Reality (BEMR) Lab.

USS Bunker Hill Gunner Mate 2nd Class William Sluyter said: “The HUD lets you know when to track, follow, and fire. It also gave real-time video to the tablet operator, which in turn cut down on how long it would take to pass along information.

“When we did our debrief with the GunnAR personnel, we provided them with ideas for some watches. For example, this system would be useful to have in port as it gives real-time imagery to personnel handling the tablet, such as the officer of the deck or the anti-terrorism tactical watch officer.”

The GunnAR uses a helmet with an AR underlay that allows personnel manning naval gun systems and the gunnery liaison officer to experience visual and audio coordination in order to identify, track and fire upon targets, the US Navy stated.

The gunners can also use a complete infrared suite to identify targets in low visibility or night time scenarios. The helmet relays the information to a tablet, according to the statement.

The helmet will allow personnel to quickly respond to threats and greater situational awareness.


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