General Dynamics demonstrates 4G tactical network’s capability to provide broadband communications

General Dynamics Mission Systems has successfully demonstrated 4G tactical network’s capability to provide broadband communications over the ocean in a satellite denied or degraded environment.

During the Ship-to-Shore Manoeuvre, Exploration and Experimentation (S2ME2) Task Force Demonstration, an engineering team successfully streamed video 62 miles from an antenna mounted on a mobile tower on San Clemente Island to an antenna at Red Beach at Camp Pendleton, just north of San Diego.

The US Marine Corps-led demonstration at Camp Pendleton was carried out as part of the company’s research and development agreement with the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific.

General Dynamics Mission Systems Ground Systems Line of Business vice-president and general manager Bill Weiss said: “By leveraging commercial off-the-shelf technologies to provide these capabilities to the war-fighter, Mission Systems is playing a leading role in the evolution of mobile tactical communications.”

“This capability will increase the ability of navy and Marine Corps to influence littoral regions worldwide.”

The ‘Long Shot’ capability is said to double the distance of existing legacy line of sight communications and provides increased bandwidth for streaming video. It allows naval task forces to position sea bases over the horizon and supports naval task force communications in a satellite denied or degraded environment, according to GD.

It will use a similar architecture as commercial networks and will be demonstrated to the US Navy and Marine Corps later this year.

The S2ME2 Task Force Demonstration allows soldiers to assess the operational utility of emerging technical and engineering innovations in amphibious warfare concepts of operations.

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