Patria wins Military Design Organisation Approval in Finland

Patria has received the Military Design Organisation Approval (MDOA) from the Finnish military aviation authority.

The company is said to be the first to receive the approval, which is based on the European Defence Agency’s European Military Airworthiness Requirements, in Finland.

The corresponding civilian approval DOA is granted by European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA, Patria stated.

The approval, which recognises the company as a Military Design Organisation, verifies and expands the established practices taken place between Patria and the Finnish Defence Forces.

The approval covers design of aircraft structures, systems, gas turbine power plants and software.

The Finnish military aviation authority operates in connection with the Air Force Command.

The authority is responsible for improving the practices in military aviation and harmonisation of the military aviation standards internationally.

According to the company, setting and monitoring the military aviation requirements will impact the development of the safety and practices as well as secures the continuous development of operation.

With 2,800 employees, Patria provides defence, security and aviation life cycle support services and technology solutions.

In addition to Finland, the company has operations in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Poland, Croatia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and South Africa.


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