US Navy releases 2018 budget proposal

The US Department of the Navy (DON) has asked Congress to allocate $171.5bn in budget to fund all planned ship depot maintenance and Columbia-class Ballistic Missile Submarine (SSBN) program.


The proposed fiscal 2018 budget request forms a part of the $762bn defence budget President Donald Trump submitted to Congress. The budget would fund Navy’s efforts to restore readiness.

US Navy budget deputy assistant secretary Rear Admiral Brian Luther said: “In a challenging fiscal context, [DON’s FY18 budget request] reflects the best balance of investments across people, presence, readiness and capability.

“Across the full scope of the request, we emphasized innovation and reform to sustain advantage, accelerate learning and strengthen our team.”

Of the total requested amount, $54.6bn will be allocated for operations and maintenance, funding projected ship depot maintenance and requesting the maximum executable amount for aviation depot maintenance and the flight hour programme.

The request also includes $49.5bn for the purchase of eight new ships and to fully fund the SSBN programme and invest in high-tech systems including unmanned, cyber and directed energy weapons.

The eight new ships to be purchased include one Ford-class aircraft carrier, two Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, two Virginia-class submarines and one littoral combat ship.

The budget also supports career-development initiatives and continues to invest in the Tours with Industry Program, the Fleet Scholar Program and Sailor 2025.


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