Switzerland considers acquisition of 70 new combat aircraft


Switzerland is considering the acquisition of up to 70 new combat aircraft to replace the country’s ageing fleet of fighter jets.

The country’s current air-defence network could also be replaced with a new system to offer improved performance.

The plan to replace the existing military infrastructure is based on recommendations made by an expert panel commissioned by the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport.

The purchase of new combat aircraft and a new air-defence network would cost around CHF18bn ($18.4bn).

The panel also suggested the government could acquire 40 new combat aircraft and a new air-defence network for CHF9bn ($9.25bn).

The group of experts recommended the government buy at least 30 new fighters, extend the service life of F-18 Hornet fighters until 2030 and improve the performance of the air-defence network.

Switzerland may also consider the option of buying 20 new fighters, extending the service life of the F-18s and renewing the current air-defence network.

The fighter aircraft and ground-based air defence system of the Swiss armed forces will reach the end of their service life in the 2020s.

The expert report presented a total of 16 recommendations regarding the acquisition of new combat aircraft.


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