Zodiac Aerospace to exhibit at the Paris Air Show 2017


Zodiac Aerospace will participate in the 52nd edition of the Paris Air Show from 19 to 25 June 2017 at le Bourget Airport.

At Paris Air Show, Zodiac Aerospace will showcase its product innovations at stand 253 in hall 2A. The eye catcher of the stand will be a full scale cabin mock up, featuring the latest in cabin interior design, including the new generation of ECOS overhead bins, PODs, galleys, lavatories, seats, and the RAVE in-flight entertainment and connectivity systems.

Zodiac Aerospace will also display its award winning Lifestyle cabin mock up, showcasing its vision on a cabin interior in 10 years’ time. Additionally it will present a range of business class and economy class seats including a virtual reality experience, as well as its capabilities in control systems and safety equipment.

Zodiac Aerospace will additionally be present in the “Career Plane”, showing the making off a business class seat, and present career opportunities at one of its 99 sites worldwide at stand 20A.

Finally, at the Paris Air Lab, located in the Concorde Air and Space Museum’s Hall, Zodiac Aerospace will show its Hycarus fuel cell system in the  “Aeronautics” Innovation section, and its manufacturing capabilities in  “Digital and new applications”.

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