Ultra Electronics wins $10m Acoustic Countermeasure contract


Ultra Electronics announced that its Ocean Systems business, based in Braintree, MA USA, has been awarded a contract valued at $10 million from the UK Ministry of Defence for the production of two variants, 101 and 102, of the Submarine Countermeasure Acoustic Device (SCAD) for the Royal Navy’s submarine fleet.

The SCAD 101 is a self-contained externally mounted and launched torpedo countermeasure. The SCAD 102 has equivalent capability, but is launched internally from the submerged signal ejector.

Ocean Systems is the world leader in torpedo countermeasure technology and has delivered over 20,000 devices to date. This contract includes effort for design enhancements, development, production, and support services.

Rakesh Sharma, Chief Executive of Ultra commented: “I am pleased that Ultra has been awarded this important contract to replenish the SCAD devices critical to the UK Royal Navy’s submarine fleet self-protection capability. It reinforces Ultra’s position as a leader in the Underwater Warfare environment through the provision of highly complex countermeasure capabilities to the US Navy, the UK Royal Navy and other international customers”.


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