US Army TRADOC to develop active shooter response mobile app

The US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) will develop a new app for responding to active shooter emergency situations.

TRADOC Capability Manager — Mobile (TCM Mobile) has announced winners of a competition held to develop the app.

A team of civilian employees from the Aviation Center of Excellence, Fort Rucker, Alabama, submitted the winning entry.

Once released, the app will be available to download for free from Google Play, iTunes and other online stores.

Army Office of the Provost Marshal General operations officer captain Dylan Gallagan said: “All these applications have the necessary and vital information that will save lives, time, and educate those with little or no training on active shooter response situations.”

The app includes advice on how to respond to an active shooter and what to do when law enforcement arrives. Soldiers and civilians will also be able to contact emergency teams in the event of an active shooter.

TRADOC Senior Mobile Training Development employee Matt MacLaughlin said: “If adrenaline kicks in and they forget what to do in the moment, all of that information is right there in front of them.

“It should help everybody respond to that situation in the fastest manner possible.”

Users will also have an option to translate the app to Spanish. In addition, TCM Mobile has developed the ‘We Care’ range of mobile apps for sexual harassment and suicide prevention.

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