Axon offers one year of free licenses, body cameras, and mobile apps for all Canadian law enforcement

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Axon, the global leader in connected law enforcement technologies, announced that it would extend its free cloud-based evidence management and body camera trial program to include all Canadian police agencies.

The program, which was originally launched in the United States in April of this year, provides usage, body-worn cameras, training, and supporting hardware free of charge for up to one year to any interested agency. To learn more about the offer, visit Axon at booths #213, #215, #312, and #314 at the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Montréal from July 16-19.

Along with its next generation body-worn cameras, Axon’s solution has helped to shepherd in a new era of evidence management in public safety. By offering an interoperable platform, helps law enforcement and justice agencies greatly increase their efficiency by reducing the need for unwieldy processes associated with sharing information on CDs, DVDs, and other methods of in-house data storage.’s workflow improvements like automatic redaction, on-demand transcription, and easy case and evidence sharing create a digital evidence ecosystem that lets agencies save significant administrative time and considerable storage costs.

Several Canadian agencies have already begun to use Axon’s innovative technologies, while many others are starting pilots. Durham Regional Police Service will pilot Axon Body 2 cameras with approximately 80 officers for a one-year period. The pilot is designed to provide value to the Durham Region Police Members and the community with respect to improving the quality of evidence collected, enhancing public trust and ultimately service effectiveness.

“Axon has a secure, easy-to-use solution that helps reduce manual tasks, prevent data silos, and promote efficiency,” said Axon CEO and co-founder Rick Smith. “When we say ‘get to the truth faster,’ this is exactly what we mean — that, given the chance to utilize this platform, agencies will see an immediate transformation in the way they manage digital evidence. It’s time to make sure that everyone has that chance.”

By streamlining virtually all aspects of the criminal justice process, from evidence capture to sharing with Crown prosecutors for trial, Axon’s solution helps increase convictions while decreasing time to trial, thereby saving agencies money and time. For that reason, the company is determined to ensure that all agencies across Canada are given the opportunity to field trial the Axon platform.

“We see this as a great opportunity for Services to gather more data on the effectiveness of these tools in the context of Canadian policing,” said Vishal Dhir, Axon’s Managing Director for Canada and Latin America. “Axon is seeing great results after body-worn camera deployments in the US, UK, Australia, and now across Canada. We’re seeing targeted programs having positive impacts on addressing Domestic Partner Violence and streamlining sharing with Crown, which leads to faster prosecutions and greater efficiency for all involved.”

In order to meet these challenges that face modern Canadian police agencies, Axon will ensure that all departments across Canada have access to this technology. The offer includes:

  • One Axon Body 2 camera per sworn officer
  • Digital evidence data storage with an “Unlimited Pro” license
  • Two mounts per officer
  • Docking station to securely upload body camera footage
  • Axon Capture mobile application
  • Access to the full Axon Academy online training library


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