UK Royal Navy announces investment in Gibraltar’s naval station

The UK Royal Navy is investing £2m for the modernisation of Gibraltar’s Windy Hill naval station.

Work includes the installation of additional monitoring equipment over the next year.

Windy Hill is the monitoring station for  ships entering or leaving the Mediterranean, or crossing between Africa and Europe.

It employs close to 30 personnel to capture near-panoramic views of the strait and neighbouring bay.

Commander British Forces Gibraltar Commodore Mike Walliker said: “The facelift that we are giving over the next few months means that the first-class support that the Rock has provided to the many tens of thousands of ships of all shapes, sizes and nationalities, which all – annually – navigate through one of, if not the most important maritime choke-points, will improve and be second to none.

“Equally, today serves as a warning and a reminder to all those who wish to use this narrow and congested stretch of water for criminal or nefarious activity.”

The station operates under Joint Force Command. However, a majority of its employees come from the navy. Windy Hill send information back to the UK and its allies and also supports the international fight against drug trafficking.

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