US Army to update mission command network software and hardware

The US Army is set to update mission command network software and hardware across 400 army, army reserve and army national guard units.

The plan, which will be implemented later this year and continue through 2019, will reduce more than a dozen mission command network software and hardware versions across the army to one standard baseline.

Mission Command project manager Colonel Troy Crosby said: “The rapid pace of deployments in the past 15 years has led to a significant increase in the Army’s mission command systems as units have requested additional capabilities.

“The army is changing how it fields and sustains these systems, necessitating a move to a single baseline today, while we continue developing the next baseline as part of the Army’s common operating environment effort.”

Over the next year, elements from Program Executive Office Command, Control and Communications-Tactical will be mobilised to support fielding up to 280 units and to the remainder of the army in 2019.

It will include fielding new systems, training units that require it and providing field support where needed.

In order to implement the baseline reduction effort, the army will employ unit set fielding practices, which will help manage the planning and implementation of fielding and reset for network capabilities.

Units stationed in the Pacific will now begin to receive fielding and training in the fiscal year 2018, while those in Europe and Southwest Asia will start in 2019, and those within the US are scheduled for both years.

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