BAE Systems bids for Australian Navy’s SEA 5000 frigate

BAE Systems has submitted its bid to the Australian Government for the SEA 5000 Future Frigate programme.

The bid contains a proposal to construct nine anti-submarine warfare frigates for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), which will be based on a variant of the company’s Type 26 Global Combat Ship.

BAE Systems plans to collaborate with the government to design a long-term ship building strategy in Australia for the development of complex warships, should the company be selected for the project.

The bid for SEA 5000 was proposed jointly by the UK and Australian team to ensure that experience and knowledge gained from the Type 26 programme can be entirely complemented by the maritime skills and expertise of BAE Systems’ team in Australia.

BAE Systems Global Maritime business development director Nigel Stewart said: “BAE Systems is proud to have submitted its response to the Australian Government for the SEA 5000 programme.

“By combining the formidable capability of our Type 26 anti-submarine warfare frigate with the heritage and skills we have in Australia, we are sure we can offer a proposition to the government that is both transformational and compelling.”

“Our commitment is to establish a world-class shipbuilding capability in Australia that will build Australian ships with an Australian workforce.”

The UK Ministry of Defence previously awarded a £3.8bn contract to BAE Systems to build the British Royal Navy’s first three Type 26 frigates in July.

The company began manufacturing the first of three vessels on 20 July.

BAE Systems’ Type 26 frigate features an innovative digital design approach that makes use of advanced engineering and design technologies.


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