Lockheed Martin and Elbit Systems to partner for British Royal Navy’s MEWP project

Lockheed Martin UK has signed a strategic teaming agreement with Elbit Systems UK to collaborate on the British Royal Navy’s maritime electronic warfare programme (MEWP).

MEWP is a procurement programme that aims to provide upgraded electronic warfare capabilities to the navy.

The upgraded system is set to be delivered in increments and will be deployed on-board the Royal Navy frigates, destroyers and amphibious assault ships.

The project also includes scope for incorporating submarines into the naval fleet at a future date.

Elbit Systems UK chief executive officer Martin Fausset said: “We are delighted to be working with Lockheed Martin to offer an innovative and comprehensive proposal to meet the Royal Navy’s future requirements, using our complementary skills and experience we believe we are a strong team able to propose a highly attractive solution to meet the programme needs.”

The partnership is expected to combine the two firms’ experience and capabilities in order to develop a new and advanced solution for the MEWP programme.

Lockheed Martin UK Integrated Systems vice-president Paul Livingston said: “By working together, both companies can use their extensive experience in maritime technology and systems integration to provide a highly capable, proven and value for money solution to address the immediate and evolving need for an upgraded maritime electronic warfare capability for the UK’s Royal Navy.”

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