Northrop’s Remotec expands Andros UGVs portfolio with launch of Nomad robot

Northrop Grumman’s subsidiary Remotec has expanded its Andros line of proven unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) with the launch of a new multifunction, multimission robot.

The new Interoperability Profile (IOP)-compliant Nomad is capable of integrating sensors and payloads for multiple functions and missions.

It features IOP-compliant software messaging and hardware interfaces, Northrop stated.

Nomad has been designed to incorporate the feedback from decades of working with first responder and military customers to offer advanced technology, ease of use and reliability.

Northrop Grumman missile defence and protective systems division vice-president and general manager Dan Verwiel said: “Building on our 30-year heritage, Nomad represents another exciting chapter of Andros innovation, performance and value in render-safe operations.”

“Future upgrades can be spiralled via IOP compliance and its next-generation track pods allow Nomad to go where others cannot.”

Weighing 164lb, the 35.5in-long Nomad is equipped with four independent track pods that are claimed to provide mobility with stability climbing uneven terrain, complex obstacles and inclines as steep as 60 degrees.

The robot’s manipulator arm is capable of lifting up to a 15lb of load when fully extended and has dexterity through extensive shoulder pitch, shoulder rotation, elbow pitch and wrist roll abilities.

Northrop Grumman is said to be the largest provider of ground robots to the first responder market in the US.

The company’s UGVs are currently in service with all US military services and bomb squads in 36 countries.

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