Nato and partner air forces conduct Ramstein Alloy 6 exercise over Baltic airspace

Nato and partner air forces have completed a joint military exercise, code-named Ramstein Alloy 6, in the Baltic airspace.

The exercise is held three times a year to improve command and control of the airspace surveillance, as well as air policing and other air capabilities in the Baltic region.

Conducted between 26-27 September, the exercise involved training of Estonian, German and Polish fighters.

Ramstein Alloy witnessed participation of F-16s of the Belgian Air Force operating from Amari in Estonia.

The Lithuanian Air Force’s C-27J Spartan transport aircraft was responsible for simulating the communication loss scenario, while additional air control and command was provided by Nato airborne warning and control system (AWACS) E-3A aircraft.

“As Baltic Air Policing detachments rotate on a four-month term, the exercise series provides the opportunity to exercise with various allies in each edition.” Nato stated

Nato’s Combined Air Operations Centre in Uedem, Germany, managed the mission control provided by the AWACS and the Karmelava Control and Reporting Centre, as well as the Control and Reporting Post in Amari. It was also managed by elements of Nato’s Recognized Air Picture Production Centre / Sensor Fusion Post (Nato DARS) currently deployed in Lielvarde, Latvia.

The Ramstein Alloy exercise series began in 2016 as a sequel of the successful Baltic Region Training Event (BRTE).

The exercise is aimed at improving interoperability between air forces of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and other allies in the region.

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