Saab to exhibit at Seoul ADEX 2017

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Defense and security company Saab will exhibit at the Seoul International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition (Seoul ADEX 2017), in Seoul, Republic of Korea, from 17 to 22 October.

Seoul ADEX is a major forum for the aerospace and defence sectors in the Republic of Korea and the wider Asia Pacific region. Saab has a significant presence in South Korea, and at ADEX 2017 we will highlight further opportunities to work together for the defence and security of Korea’s people. This year Saab brings a special emphasis on advanced capabilities for maritime patrol and airborne early warning and control that are uniquely suited to this region.

“Saab is already a strong partner in the defence of Korea and we are always looking to find new ways to work together. Korea, like Sweden, understands the need for advanced, independent defence technologies that must be effective and affordable.

Powerful solutions like Saab’s Swordfish MPA and GlobalEye AEW&C reflect this philosophy perfectly. Visitors to ADEX are welcome to come and see how these systems, and all Saab products, meet the very highest operational requirements, through elegant, far-sighted design,” says Håkan Borin, Head of Saab South Korea.

At Seoul ADEX 2017 Saab will exhibit products and solutions from our product portfolio across the air, land and maritime domains. This will include:

Swordfish maritime patrol aircraft (MPA). With Swordfish Saab has redefined the concept of high-end MPA operations. Swordfish delivers the full range of operational capabilities needed to conduct all ASW and ASuW missions in a high-threat environment on a long-range, high-performance and cost-effective platform. Swordfish also provides the full suite of tactical and strategic ISR capabilities with growth and adaptability built-in at every level.

GlobalEye, Saab’s revolutionary multi-role airborne surveillance system. With its all-new Erieye ER radar, advanced C4I and multi-mission capabilities, GlobalEye uniquely combines the roles of airborne early warning and control, maritime and ground surveillance all in a single platform. GlobalEye is at the heart of 21st Century air power.

Advanced Radar Systems. Saab is one of the world’s leading radar suppliers with more than 30 years of active electronically-scanned antenna (AESA) radar design experience. Since 2009 the Republic of Korea Army has protected the nation with Saab’s Arthur mobile weapons-location radar system. Saab’s radar family is constantly evolving to incorporate the very latest technology.

Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb. Developed in partnership with Boeing, the GLSDB is a truly innovative precision weapon. It is a long-range attack solution that decisively expands the capabilities of the armed forces.

Ground Combat Systems. Saab’s Carl Gustaf M4 and AT4 family are the global benchmark for lightweight infantry firepower. They are constantly evolving to defeat new threats and keep your soldiers one step ahead on the battlefield.

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