MARSS installs NiDAR technology on Malaysian Navy’s offshore patrol vessel

Monaco-based MARSS has completed the installation of its NiDAR perimeter security system on the first of six offshore patrol vessels for the Royal Malaysian Navy.

The installation is part of a contract awarded by Malaysia’s Boustead Naval Shipyard (BNS), which will see the company carry out the design, integration, delivery, installation and commissioning of its NiDAR 360° air, surface and underwater anti-intruder security system onboard the navy vessels.

MARSS Group senior vice-president Rob Balloch said: “MARSS established a strong working partnership with the Royal Malaysian Navy and Boustead Naval Shipyard to design and deliver a comprehensive world-class vessel security system.

“Our NiDAR system redefines what can be achieved for maritime domain awareness leveraging commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment.”

MARSS’ NiDAR is a modern long-range surveillance system that can protect naval vessels and land-based defence installations from air, surface and underwater approaches.

It provides improved situational awareness capabilities by integrating multiple sensor and data feeds to produce a 360° perimeter security shield around a ship or land-based facility.

The security system integrates near and long-range surveillance with deterrents into one intelligent domain awareness picture.

This enables it to automatically detect and warn operators of the presence of divers, underwater vehicles and small fast-moving surface intruders.

In addition, the technology integrates diver detection sonars, thermal imaging cameras and sensor feeds from the vessels’ onboard radar, and is also equipped with non-lethal deterrents.

The company is expected to operate the NiDAR system via its intuitive command and control (C2) interface from multiple fixed and mobile command stations.


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