Thales Australia may export Hawkei protected vehicles to Poland


Thales Australia is to export Hawkei protected vehicles to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland, according to a potential deal.

The prospective acquisition of Hawkei vehicles forms a part of an $46bn expansion of Poland’s defence force.

Poland seeks to initially acquire 50 protected mobility vehicles to modernise its defence capabilities.

The follow-on acquisition programmes are expected to increase the number of Hawkei vehicles to close to 700.

Australia Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne said: “Like Australia, Poland’s defence forces are undertaking an unprecedented renewal of their capabilities.”

“Thales Australia’s Hawkei vehicle is ideally placed to provide Poland’s defence forces with the world-class protected vehicle capability they need.

“The vehicle is a fantastic example of the innovation and capability of Australia’s defence industry. It builds upon Thales Australia’s international success with the Bushmaster vehicle, which is in service with seven countries.”

“If successful, Thales Australia’s bid to export the Hawkei to Poland will provide additional work and job security for their Hawkei workforce and the supply chain to Thales.”

Poland intends to purchase Australia’s Adelaide-class frigates as they come out of service over the next two years.

WB Electronics, a Polish company, and Australian SME Cablex have signed a memorandum of intent to work together to provide WB’s command and communication systems and unmanned air vehicle systems to the Australian Government and other foreign customers.

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