Streit Group showcases armoured vehicles at BIDEC 2017

toyota land cruiser

STREIT Group, worlds largest armoured vehicle manufacturers where at BIDEC 2017 to showcase few of its vehicle which is serving Bahrain Defence Forces.

The purpose of this exhibition was to showcase the world that unlike other armouring companies, STREIT Group is known for its quality and experience serving defence forces all around the globe.

At BIDEC 2017, Streit Group presents an armoured version of a civilian car Toyota Land Cruiser GX.R,. The STREIT Group’s armoured Toyota Land Cruiser includes full vehicle armouring with certified steel to resist external ballistic threats from any angle, OEM components such as suspension and brake system are fully upgraded to support the full weight of armour without compromising the vehicle’s performance.

The Streit Group Toyota Land Cruiser GX.R is used by the Bahrain Defence Forces for the transport of VIP or military personnel safely through almost any terrain offering Level BR6 protection against firing of small arms 7.62x51mm NATO calibre.

The Bahrain Defence Forces use also an armoured version of the TLC-79 Land Cruiser made by Streit Group designed specifically to perform to its best and to retain off-road capabilities with armour protection level CEN B6 against the firing of small arms 7.62mm NATO calibre and hand grenades.The TLC-79 with its two-seater cab at the front can carry a total of 9 military personnel. The rear part of the vehicle has a single door and the roof is equipped with two hatches. This light tactical vehicle can easily operable in all terrains and can be used in urban or semi-rural areas by border patrol or security forces team on specialized missions or at immediate action crime scene.

The third vehicle of Bahrain Defence Forces at the booth of Streit Group at BIDEC is a check-point vehicle based on a Ford F350 Special Duty. This Streit Group product includes full vehicle armouring with certified steel and design to offer protection against firing of small arms and hand grenades fragmentations.

There is a double cab at the front which can accommodate 7 military personnel including the driver. The cargo area at the rear of the vehicle is fitted with a gun box able to accommodate two soldiers, the roof is fitted with an armoured open top glass turret.

The turret can be armed with a 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun or automatic grenade launcher. The glass turret provides 360° view for the gunner’s position while offering all-around protection from enemy fire. read more at:

At STREIT Group this year we have focused primarily on identifying and delivering against our customer’s needs, while also developing an after-sales support program that will ensure our vehicles continue to operate at peak performance long after the warranty period expires. We have hired new management to help push our quality standards higher, both for vehicle and customer support. We are excited about the positive changes taking place within STREIT and look forward to a successful close to 2017 and an exciting start to 2018.

STREIT Corporate Social Responsibility

STREIT Group has taken the initiative to perform its corporate social responsibility towards the community and sociocultural affected areas. STREIT Group is one of the largest armoured cars manufacturer, with most of the military and commercial armoured vehicles production that targets Africa and the Middle East deprived and affected market.

While saving lives of soldiers in a war zone and making country’s defence stronger with its robust products, STREIT Group has launched some internal CSR programs being part of its vision that will formulate from now onwards as STREIT values to be incorporated with its mission.

The idea is to make more quality vehicles by investing more on R&D that satisfies not only customers but also the employees with healthy and safe working environment. The CSR part of this plan of action will emphasize on Labor & Human rights within an organization, Health & Safety, supporting local communities, Gender and Nationality based impartiality, Education and Food in countries by contributing from profits. So, the countries that will be buying from STREIT Group will eventually become the part of this CSR program that provokes national interest factor and helping the community of that country.

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