Biometrics Program Analysis: The US – E-Passport program

passportus passport prog

E-passport program – The US

•The e-passport program of the US Department of State involves the use of fingerprint, facial, and iris recognition biometric systems for identification and faster immigration inspections, as well as for greater security at international borders. The US electronic passport (e-passport) is similar to the regular passport, with the addition of a small contactless computer chip embedded in the back cover.


•The chip securely stores the same data visually displayed on the photo page of the passport, and additionally includes a digital photograph. The inclusion of the digital photograph enables biometric comparison through the use of facial recognition technology, and the new e-passport has additional anti-fraud and security features.

•Since 2007, the US government has been issuing e-passports that securely store biographical information and digital images. The e-passports use contactless chip technology that allows the information stored in an e-passport to be read by special chip readers, and they also use digital signature technology to verify the authenticity of the data stored on the chip.



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