US Navy to implement CR recommendations to ensure safer operations at sea following 3 collisions & 1 grounding

The US Navy is adopting a holistic approach to implement recommendations from the Comprehensive Review of Surface Force Incidents (CR) in order to ensure operational safety and readiness.

Last year, US Navy ships were involved in three collisions and one grounding, following which US Fleet Forces Command commander Admiral Phil Davidson was appointed to lead a thorough review of surface ship mishaps over the last decade in order to make recommendations across the Navy.

At the time of announcing the release of the CR, Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Admiral John Richardson said: “The comprehensive review found that over a sustained period of time, rising pressure to meet operational demands led those in command to rationalise declining standards – standards in fundamental seamanship and watchstanding skills, teamwork, operational safety, assessment and a professional culture. This resulted in a reduction of operational safety margins.”

In his report, Davidson urged the Navy to develop and formalise ‘firebreaks’ into its force generation and employment systems to prevent a dip in standards.

Although the majority of the recommendations are related to the surface warfare community, the CR Oversight Board (OSB) intends to undertake broader initiatives to refine Navy policies, procedures, culture and training in an effort to enhance the readiness of surface combatants.

The implementation of recommended changes will be handled through a joint effort by Naval Surface Force, US Pacific (CNSP) and Atlantic (CNSL) fleets comprising representatives from Naval Sea Systems, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, Naval Personnel Command, Naval Education and Training Command, and other commands.

CNSP and CNSL will be responsible for both realising recommendations on the deck plates and providing updates on progress to senior leadership.

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